Power generators are machines designed to produce power to meet electricity needs. They are vital for applications such as providing uninterrupted power, being prepared for emergencies, and powering critical equipment. At NERO Industries, we manufacture generators with a wide range of technical specifications.

After the detection of fire by the thermal sensor/activator, the fire is effectively suppressed by the fire aerosol extinguisher. Along with its low weight and dimensions, it offers high flexibility and integrability in various applications in active fire protection, with easy installation and rapid replacement feature.

  • Power Capacity (kVA) :1 Our products are offered in a wide range of power, starting from 1 kVA and going up to 2000 kVA. This allows businesses of different scales to meet their power requirements.

  • Fuel Types : Our generators are designed to be compatible with different fuel types. We offer options such as diesel, natural gas, or biofuels, allowing our customers to choose the fuel type that suits their energy needs.

  • Engine Type : Internal combustion engines form the foundation of our generators. They provide high efficiency, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

  • Control Panel: Each generator is equipped with a user-friendly control panel. These panels offer advanced options for monitoring and controlling the generator's operation status.

  • Automatic Switching: During power outages, our generators automatically activate and provide an immediate response to power interruptions. This ensures business continuity.

  • Sound Insulation: Our generators are designed with special sound insulation to minimize noise levels, providing a quiet and comfortable working environment in usage areas.

  • Portability: Some of our models are portable and suitable for use in remote areas or field operations.